Both relaxed and kind but challenging and disciplined

A mother comments:

David took my daughter through several piano grades with great patience and skill (as she was not the best at practising), helping her to achieve good marks in all the exams. Lessons comprised a mix of pieces learned over several weeks; necessary scales and arpeggios; and more playful exercises devised just for fun, such as duets, the challenge of playing a piece with eyes closed, or composing a short tune. The mood of lessons was both relaxed and kind but at the same time challenging and disciplined. Prior to the arrival of the new summerhouse ‘waiting room’, I would sit in on lessons and was able to enjoy listening to the inventive and comprehensible ways in which David introduced music theory into the lessons. Having learnt the piano myself when a child, I only wished I had been fortunate enough to have a teacher who explained things so clearly; I think, had I done so, I might have carried on learning much longer!

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